Friday, July 6, 2012


C^stillo is a record producer and a Minimal/Deep Techno and Acid DJ. Born and raised in Pomona, California, Castillo grew up listening to early 80’s New Wave and Industrial music. He developed an eclectic taste in music around the Pomona arts colony–an enclave and breeding ground for many musicians and artists alike; creating an electrifying atmosphere in the local venues such as the renowned Glass House, the Pomona Fox Theater and the now-defunct Green House.
Castillo was first exposed to the Los Angeles-based underground dance community in 1990, identifying with the urban culture and the art of Djing. This new and exhilarating scene prompted him to form close ties with likeminded individuals. In 1994, Castillo founded the Acid Groove Family, a collective of DJs, artists and writers whose main focus was to produce events that preserved the integrity of the underground community.
Today Castillo describes his style as, “Minimal acid dark tekno with the intention to take them [the dance crowd] on a deep journey to the unknown using my beats and soundscape as their guide…” and “…Work them into a cerebral frenzy”. A perfect example of his DJ work is the recent online release of his mix simply entitled RE-CONNECT. (
As Castillo continues to break boundaries djing his Minimal/Deep Techno and Acid sets, his true innovation has to be the launch of his new label INNERM^TTER Recordings.. His new platform to unleash his original productions on the techno fans of Los Angeles and the world..
David Christophere’s Electronic Music Career started back in a humid warehouse in st pete Fl Dec ’91 where he and his future Rabbit in the Moon collaborator Monk threw the first underground Rave party in Florida. The rest as they say is history.
After several singles released on their Hallucination Recordings label under the name Anarch-E, his first major success as a producer came in 1993 with the release of the Rabbit in the Moon’s”Phases of an Out of Body Experience” single on Hardkiss Records. As a remixer, he has reworked songs by artists such as Depeche Mode, Garbage, BT/Tori Amos , Sarah McLachlan , Orbital, Stone Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, Goldie, Delerium, and Paul Oakanfold.
As a live performer, his music took Rabbit in the Moon on a tour around the globe. As a DJ he’s played the biggest clubs and events in the US and parts of Asia and Europe. To say he’s a pioneer is an understatement. To say he’s one of the Godfather’s of the US Rave scene, he would say nah.. That makes him sound retired… and his set, is far from over. As he celebrates 20 years in the scene. If age is just a number, and great music is timeless. David Christophere has proven to the world that he is here to stay…

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