Friday, July 27, 2012

RotPG - Omar Santana 07/27/2012

Riders of the Plastic Groove with Omar Santana on Friday, July 27, 2012.
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Omar Santana bio:
H2OH Recordings was launched in 1993 by Omar Santana in New York City, releasing it’s own brand of true school hardcore flava. The Label has built up a strong reputation for itself with an arsenal of artists that includes the likes of Omar Santana, 3 da Hard Way, The Thundergods, Innerchild, The Scrumbleheads, DJ Jokey & Da Predator. It was such a success that a sister label by the name of Tricked Out Recordings was brought into operation in late 1996 to concentrate and add even greater ammunition to the audio warfare in breaks – setting the agenda for the Hard Hop & Breakbeat sound in America. With artists skilled in the trade of cut-up beats and sounds such as The Dark Side of the Shroom, Hard Hop Heathen & Wizard of Oh.

H2oH and Tricked Out Albums available on iTunes!

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Special thanks to CLAUDIA!
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