Friday, February 8, 2013

RotPG - Jamie Thinnes 02/01/2013

Texas born Jamie Thinnes transplanted to the LA area as a young teenager and was quickly seduced by the intriguing sounds found in the wee hours, in the abundant warehouses, loft spaces and odd locations scattered throughout southern California. Early on, house music crept into Jamieâs soul and has been his guiding light ever since. Quickly becoming an underground favorite in the early â90s, Jamie forged his unique and captivating sound in a wide variety of Los Angeles environs â from full scale nightclubs to many a dark and dirty after-hours, from sunny beaches to ultra exclusive, all-night house parties. His trademark deep, spiritual rhythms and low frequency grooves never fail to keep the dancefloor marching in time to sunrise and beyond. A master mixer and programmer behind the decks, Jamieâs unwavering devotion to house shines through with every twist of the knob and every slide of the fader. In 1996, Jamieâs musical vision blossomed when he had the good fortune of becoming involved with the Long family, founders of the famed Higher Source Records establishment (arguably, the finest record store in the LA area from 1996 to 2003). With the generous hand of the Longs, Jamie and long time friend and collaborator, Dean DeCosta, founded Earthtones Recordings. After 10 highly regarded releases, Earthtones was forced to change its name due to trademark issues. As Dean became heavily involved in the record store, Jamie pushed on and Seasons Recordings was born. 15 years in existence, with a heavy catalog of class act releases featuring Franck Roger, Olivier Portal, John Cutler, Dj Spinna, Anto Vitale, Charles Webster, Boddhi Satva, Black Coffee and Jamie himself, to name a few, Seasons has truly evolved into one of the premier house music imprints worldwide. While countless other labels have faded away or tried to re-invent themselves with a new sound every few years, Seasons, and its revered Seasons Ltd. sub-label, have stood the test of time with consistent, quality house music thatâs based on an unshakeable foundation of musicality, soulful delivery and infectious grooves.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

RotPG - Verity, Remo & RON D CORE 01/25/2013

Riders of the Plastic Groove is proud to present DR FREECLOUD”S dj’s featuring RON D CORE, Remo & Verity on Friday, January 25, 2013 from 8pm – 10pm pst. Watch and listen live at
About the dj’s:
Spinning records since 1985, Co-Owner & Founder of Dr. Freecloud’s Mixing Lab since 1994. Owner and creator of Atomic Hardcore Recordings + Oblivion Records (California’s first Hardcore record labels). Ron has recorded and been featured on many Hardcore and non—Hardcore from all over the world including: Atomic Hardcore Recordings (Costa Mesa), Industrial Strength (New York), Head Fuck (Italy), Epileptik (France), UC Music (Chicago), V-Wax (Los Angeles), Swell (Arizona) & most recently the Dr. Freecloud label. Throughout the years of Ron D Core’s DJ career he’s thrown a lot of events (large and small), and always memorable such as Dr. Freecloud’s Psychedelic Drugstore (Halloween Rave in Santa Ana 1990) + Hot Lemonade (an Acid House event in Downtown Los Angeles 1989) + No—Doz (a weekly afterhours in Los Angeles 1992—1993) + Funny Farm (a hardcore weekly in Orange County 1993—1994) + Plazma (a Hardcore weekly in Fullerton’s Digital Kilinik 1997) + Operation 1 & Operation 2 (Large scale events celebrating Dr. Freecloud’s B—Days) + Funky Shit Happens! (Large Rave @ Orange Show in San Bernadino) + Blitzkrieg (Mega—Outdoor Desert Festival) Hardcore vs. House party + Megablast (all Hardcore event @ The Glasshouse in Pomona) & co—Promoted with Sid P.W.L.Y. + 13 (all Hardcore event in Pomona) thrown on the 13th of any given month.
Ron has played at some of the largest and most memorable events in the world such as: Electric Daisy Carnival + Nocturnal Wonderland + Smoke Out + Circa + Together As One + Monster Massive + Bassrush + Pyrotechnodiscoworks + Audiotistic + Opium + Willie Wonka + Alice’s House + Stranger Than Fiction (L.A.’s first Massive 1990 @ The Shrine Auditorium) + Narnia + Future World + Aphrodite’s Temple + Shiva’s Erotic Banquet + Cyberslam & too many others to mention & played for crowds up to 50,000 people. Ron has played with some of the biggest names in the business such as: Speed Freak + Lenny Dee + DJ Producer + Juan Atkins + J. Saul Kane (Depth Charge) + Rob Gee + Neophyte + DJ Paul + Babu (Beat Junkies) + DJ Dan + Doc Martin + Manu Le Malin and loads of others. Some of the articles and interviews Ron has been featured in are: Urb Magazine + Entrepeneur + OC Weekly + XLR8R + DJ Times + Daily Pilot + Yellow Rat Bastard + Thunder Magazine (Thunderdome Holland) + L.A. Weekly + Club Life + Tribe + Free Bass + Fix Magazine + Rave (Porn Magaine) + Culture and more… Ron has been featured in a Movie Documentary about the rave scene and it’s history called “Better living Through Circuitry,” & the book called “Generation Exstacy,”. Ron is continuosly working hard in the Electronic Music scene Recording DJ’ing and Promoting the Hardcore he love’s and supports. Keeping Dr. Freecloud’s the store and the Vinyl alive is nothing short of dedication to the scene.
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In the ever evolving bass music culture of Los Angeles, few names have been more of an underground lineup mainstay than that of Remo Hunt. As a fixture of Long Beach’s jungle and dubstep music scenes since the mid-nineties, Remo is known for creative integration of many diverse genres of the EDM sound spectrum. His credibility has secured him residencies and appearances at respected underground clubs such as Pure Filth,
Upgrade, Resinate, Refuge and Bassface.
An avid vinyl and mixtape collector, Remo developed a taste for the early sounds of hip-hop and rap as a child growing up in Southern California. He became an instant fan of techno when he discovered the style in the early 90’s through the emerging Los Angeles rave scene He released his first collaborative mix in 2000, “Pacific Coast Highwaves” as a nod
to his Long Beach roots.
His first official dubstep release in 2007 with DJ Formatt received thousands of downloads globally and he was recently invited to mix at the No-Doz 2012 reunion party in Los Angeles. As a follow-up to the heavily promoted No-Doz event, Remo released his most stylistically diverse release to date, “Outside the Box”, integrating dubstep, jungle, house
and techno into one seamless mix.
2012 also marks the launch of Remo’s company, Hunt Media, a firm offering his DJing services as well as promotions and dance music events servicing the Los Angeles EDM underground community. For 2012-2013 bookings, please contact Remo at
To check out Remo / Hunt Media:“Outside the Box” (2012)
“Desert to the Sea” (2008):
by-r-e-m-o/Live video performance:
Verity’s been behind the decks for 18 years. He has a mad passion and love for the Oldskool Techno, Breakbeat and Jungle sounds of the early 90′s and evolved into Drum & Bass as well as a wide variety of other electronic music genres. Collecting as many mixtapes as he could get his hands on, he eventually graduated to vinyl and DJ’ing in the mid 90′s. He’s inspired by the original sounds of L.A. DJ’s such as R.A.W., DJ Trance and Ron D Core. He’s played a variety of shows and clubs but also spent quite a bit of time doing intimate outdoor renegade sessions with his close friends who shared the same passion and joy of just getting outdoors, and playing music, LOUD! About a year ago, he started on a new venture creating a little collective for like minded DJs called MSR – Muzikal Spirit Research. It was just an idea to explore the feelings we get when we hear just the right choonz being played. MSR is coming up on their 5th event and are excited that it’s growing into something people are coming to check out. Music at these events ranges from Old Skool Techno, Drum & Bass, Breaks, House, Dubstep and pretty much what ever the DJ at the time feels like laying down. If they are feeling it, it’s about guaranteed that you won’t be able to resist what these guys got going on.. Show some love and check them out!