Sunday, October 13, 2013

RotPG - Hector "Huggie" Merida 10/11/2013

Hector ‘Huggie’ Merida has been dedicated to the Global Underground Movement since the mid 1980’s. With an unrelenting passion for the music, the people, and the vibe they create, ‘Huggie’ has been focused on supplying the beats to universal movers, and global groovers of dance music all over the world! With over 24 years of hard work and dedication under his belt, ‘Huggie’ has reached, & touched the lives of faithful music loving fans everywhere with his own brand of 4 to 8 hour sets. Sets that will guide you directly to the dance floor. Huggie’s sets range from 116 bpm to 130bpm which allows him to take full charge of the dance floor by providing your with deep house, tribal house, tech house and techno…
‘Huggie’ first gained notoriety as a producer/remixer, with his first track “Paradox Dreams”. His freshman release appeared alongside well respected artists, such as Micro, Adam X, T-1000, Vicious Vic and Frankie Bones on the X-SIGHT RECORDS compilation entitled “BELIEVE 96-97″. Not stopping there, ‘Huggie’ has included remix work into his repertoire for Phatt Phunk Records, Funked Up Records, and most recently Looq Records . Two tracks “Ali Sun” and “Sunrise in Tikal” were released on the Iridium Music compilation “Higher Collective Consciousness”. His most recent work includes remixes for Thee O & Steve Prior (Muy Bien EP), Art Of Hot (Play EP), Robert Raine (Tunnels Made of Plastic EP), while teaming up with Subdivision/VivalaTech’s Merlyn Martin with the track “Confirmation” on Polytechnic Recordings. ‘Huggie” has also teamed up with one of L.A.’s most talented veterans DJ Thee O with tracks “Night Owl – Toes In The Sand Recordings, “Don’t Fake” on Protium Recordings, “Rain” featuring Erin Powers on System Recordings and most recently “Get High” co-produced w/ DJ Thee O for Looq Records. Huggie is currently working on several remix projects. Following his first album “Journal” Hector Merida is back with a brand new jam! His second album gives us a look through the lens at all the makes life roll… presenting an audio soundscape of Hector Merida’s “Pictures”.
Kicking it off with the electronic soother “Forgetting You” and moving through a musical journey of chilled grooves, live horns, keys and vocal snapshots laid over deep moving house beats. The album sways and slides between genres never setting on one place for too long whipping you from hypnotic electronica, to straight up classy house with stop offs at drum & bass, rocking leftfield rhythms and even cool jazz along the way.

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