Friday, October 12, 2012

RotPG - Ron D Core 10/12/2012

Riders of the Plastic Groove on Friday, October 12, 2012 with Ron D Core and guest.

Sorry for the glitch in the show where the recording has stopped. That's the joy of always doing a LIVE show!
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Spinning records since 1985, Co-Owner & Founder of Dr. Freecloudâs Mixing Lab since 1994. Owner and creator of Atomic Hardcore Recordings + Oblivion Records (Californiaâs first Hardcore record labels). Ron has recorded and been featured on many Hardcore and nonâHardcore from all over the world including: Atomic Hardcore Recordings (Costa Mesa), Industrial Strength (New York), Head Fuck (Italy), Epileptik (France), UC Music (Chicago), V-Wax (Los Angeles), Swell (Arizona) & most recently the Dr. Freecloud label. Throughout the years of Ron D Coreâs DJ career heâs thrown a lot of events (large and small), and always memorable such as Dr. Freecloudâs Psychedelic Drugstore (Halloween Rave in Santa Ana 1990) + Hot Lemonade (an Acid House event in Downtown Los Angeles 1989) + NoâDoz (a weekly afterhours in Los Angeles 1992â1993) + Funny Farm (a hardcore weekly in Orange County 1993â1994) + Plazma (a Hardcore weekly in Fullertonâs Digital Kilinik 1997) + Operation 1 & Operation 2 (Large scale events celebrating Dr. Freecloudâs BâDays) + Funky Shit Happens! (Large Rave @ Orange Show in San Bernadino) + Blitzkrieg (MegaâOutdoor Desert Festival) Hardcore vs. House party + Megablast (all Hardcore event @ The Glasshouse in Pomona) & coâPromoted with Sid P.W.L.Y. + 13 (all Hardcore event in Pomona) thrown on the 13th of any given month.
Ron has played at some of the largest and most memorable events in the world such as: Electric Daisy Carnival + Nocturnal Wonderland + Smoke Out + Circa + Together As One + Monster Massive + Bassrush + Pyrotechnodiscoworks + Audiotistic + Opium + Willie Wonka + Aliceâs House + Stranger Than Fiction (L.A.âs first Massive 1990 @ The Shrine Auditorium) + Narnia + Future World + Aphroditeâs Temple + Shivaâs Erotic Banquet + Cyberslam & too many others to mention & played for crowds up to 50,000 people. Ron has played with some of the biggest names in the business such as: Speed Freak + Lenny Dee + DJ Producer + Juan Atkins + J. Saul Kane (Depth Charge) + Rob Gee + Neophyte + DJ Paul + Babu (Beat Junkies) + DJ Dan + Doc Martin + Manu Le Malin and loads of others. Some of the articles and interviews Ron has been featured in are: Urb Magazine + Entrepeneur + OC Weekly + XLR8R + DJ Times + Daily Pilot + Yellow Rat Bastard + Thunder Magazine (Thunderdome Holland) + L.A. Weekly + Club Life + Tribe + Free Bass + Fix Magazine + Rave (Porn Magaine) + Culture and more⦠Ron has been featured in a Movie Documentary about the rave scene and itâs history called âBetter living Through Circuitry,â & the book called âGeneration Exstacy,â. Ron is continuosly working hard in the Electronic Music scene Recording DJâing and Promoting the Hardcore he loveâs and supports. Keeping Dr. Freecloudâs the store and the Vinyl alive is nothing short of dedication to the scene.

DJ Dement
DJ Dement has been in and around the LA underground scene since 1993, DJâing since 1995. From 2000 to 2010 he took a break from the scene but found himself still searching for that underground sound. A trip into Dr. Freeclouds, to buy a CD, led to starting up a vinyl collection again with a new itch to get back out into the scene. Along with his ânewâ vinyl collection he found a new love, Industrial Hardcore. Itâs a generally slower, dark and often grungy style of Gabber. While formating sets, he tends to have an idea of where to go but not have set tracks to play, with a multi subgenre of Hardcore. Hardstyle, Gabber, Industrial and Core âN Bass (also know as crossbread) Recently he has been working with Dr. Freeclouds, Audio Science, Dirty Snare and CDP with hopes to work with many more of the LA area promoters in the near future.

DJ Krylon
More info to come.

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